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For Accountants

Get out of the grind much?

Looking to make more profit in your firm but stuck in the conveyor-belt operations style?
Add proactive tax reduction, fractional CFO and powerful client coaching to your offers.

Clients are willing to pay more if you provide the support they really need in order to grow, in plain English.

Hire me to set it up the processes and train you & your team, so that you both can enjoy more money & have a better life, too.


Price is the fastest way to raise profit.

So why are we so afraid to raise prices?

When i started my accounting practice, I asked a mentor "How much should I charge?" He said "Come up with an hourly rate, estimate the number of hours it will take you, and there you go!"

That's TERRIBLE advice. Apple doesn't care what its competitors charge, so why should you? Stop giving away your value

Would you not want to work with less clients and make more money? You can if you leverage the power of price psychology.


Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expedita.

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Fractional CFO or Client Coaching?

How about both? Due to tech advancements, accounting has been commoditized & devalued so much that clients are willing to pay $5k+/mo for coaching & don't see a benefit in paying $1k/mo for accounting. Yet, we are the best people to provide the support they so need. Why do we keep focusing on quantity vs. quality?
Hire me to structure & implement this process and become the advisor you advertise to be.Let's talk!
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Team lacks solid bookkeeper skill?

Bookkeeping is the foundation of everything we do as accountants, tax professionals, fractional CFOs & coaches. Since most "bookkeepers" are simply software users, it can take you years to find out they're doing a bad job. GIGO. Get your team trained in our bookkeeper program (one a "from scratch" & the other one for those with no SMB bookkeeping experience) & get work done right every time.
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Can't find or retain good talent?

Are you really setting them
& you up for success?
Recruiting has changed post-pandemic & post-Great Resignation & people are more impressed by good work environment, life balance, culture & good leadership. You must have good policies, systems & clear expectations while being a true leader to the team. Hire me to design & create a system to recruit & retain great talent.
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