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Tatiana Tsoir

Bio & Media

Tatiana Tsoir, CPA, MBA is an author, speaker, visionary accountant and over the last 19+ years she has worked with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them manage their money, numbers and taxes and become the boss of their bottom line.

Tatiana is now committed to consulting entrepreneurs to skyrocket their profit at zero additional marketing cost, to create a scaled business, sell it, pay not tax on the sale and never have to work again!

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In her book Dream Bold, Start Smart. Tatiana provides her audience with simple and actionable steps to own their numbers and be confident in their business decisions as they start and grow their business.

In this book Tatiana takes anxiety out of owning a business. It's a "how-to" for starting a business and learning from the mistakes of others and getting "there" faster and with less costs!


Name Pronunciation

Tsoir [Saw-Yer]

"For business owners to do the work they love, they must get past the overwhelm of numbers and taxes. Tatiana Tsoir's book does that exactly for you."

- Mike Michalowicz
Author of Profit First and Fix This Next

"When you start your business, financial matters often get overlooked and set aside. Tatiana tackles the topic that most new business owners avoid. Facing your numbers early will allow you to skip the anxiety and secure your dream. Read this book and gain control."

- Gino Wickman
Author of Traction and Entrepreneurial Leap

"In her groundbreaking book, Dream Bold. Start Smart, CPA extraordinaire, Tatiana Tsoir, not only empowers us to turn our passions and desires into a business, but gives us the building blocks, tools, and steps to actually do it. This book is not only stacked full of wisdom, it is also actionable while helping us mitigate the potholes and risks that take most entrepreneurs years to learn... the hard way. This book is a must read for anyone looking to start a business, especially if you want to do it right!"

- Tommy Breedlove
Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Selling Author of the Book Legendary

"I wish such a book existed when I started my own business. Tatiana gives you both a practical framework and helpful tools to manage and fully understand your finances, accounting and numbers in simple terms. I would recommend this book to anyone contemplating an entrepreneurial endeavor as it will set you off right away for financial clarity and success."

- Julie Reisler
Author of Get a PhD in You
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Whether your dream business is a brick-and-mortar shopfront or an online social network, launching a successful venture takes more than creativity, energy, & passion. You need a sound game plan and a solid financial foundation, including an understanding of money, numbers & taxes. The good news? You don’t have to be an accountant for that to happen. All you need is my book.

It's okay to follow your heart,
but take your brain with you.


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