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The program designed to help you learn the highly desirable skill that can give you the flexible work schedule
(and income) you desire.

It all started with a problem...

The biggest mistake bookkeepers make is that they are too task-oriented and don’t operate with the end-goal in mind. Another common mistake is that they don’t have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of the accounting they need. This results in messy finances and frustrated accountants and business owners.

I wanted to train novice bookkeepers how I did my bookkeeping by teaching the accounting fundamentals and showing how to effectively apply them without losing sight of end-goals, like taxes.

I am tired of hearing the bookkeeping woes from my clients. They deserved better. I knew I could train (and then hire) bookkeepers I could trust to help my clients. So many accountants struggle to find top-notch bookkeepers,myself included. I knew if I could train new bookkeepers the right way, I’d jump at the opportunity to hire from the pool of graduates, as would manyother accountants and business owners.

So, I created the Bold Bookkeeper Academy as an answer.

I’d love for you to be part of the solution.


Tell me more!

It starts with the basics.

Like when learning any new skill, the key to success lies in the foundation. That’s why the trainings included in this program are focused on the fundamentals. Once the foundation is strong, we move on to learning the essential bookkeeping how-tos using the most popular bookkeeping software for small businesses.

Don’t worry. Once you master the basics, you can apply these skills to any software.

You will learn step-by-step from an expert in the industry who has experience in both sides of the equation. (Surprise, it’s me!) I know what successful bookkeepers need and what accountants and business owners want. I’m here to connect the dots for you,ensuring your bookkeeping skills are bullet-proof.

A glimpse at what’s inside...

Joining the Bold Bookkeeper Academy grants you access to:


• 7 core modules covering all you need to know to get a successful start in bookkeeping.
• Exclusive content & resources that help solidify your knowledge and skills.
• A private Facebook group with ongoing Q&A sessions & important updates.
Live group Q&A calls with Tatiana on Facebook & Zoom.
Quizzes & certification exams to enhance your studies.
• A listing in the Bold Advisor Directory (to help you get noticed & hired).
6 Months FREE Membership in the Bold Bookkeeper Mastermind - to help you find clients & be a resource
• And more...

It gets better... Your access to the educational resources(including the modules) never expires! So you can go back and rewatch whenever you need a refresh.

Did I mention the bonus module? This is where I teach you how to establish your very own bookkeeping business and how to best find and serve clients.

Is Bold Bookkeeper Academy for me?

The Bold Bookkeeper Academy is meant for you if...

• You want to make a career change.
• You want more flexibility in your schedule.
• You want to bring more money into your pockets.
• You want a consistent income (working full or part-time).
• You want to accomplish any of the above without going back to school.
• You want to live life on your terms.

Maybe you don’t love your current career, or perhaps it’s just not working for you now that you have kids at home. Maybe you need a more flexible schedule, or perhaps you’re looking to move to part-time work while still bringing in good money. Priorities change, and that’s okay, but it doesn’t mean you have (or want) to stop making money.
This is the perfect program for all the moms out there.

This program will set you up to be the mom you want to be by maintaining flexibility without forgoing financial freedom.

You might be thinking, “But Tatiana, I’m not obsessed with numbers like you are...”

The truth is, you don’t have to love numbers to be a good bookkeeper. You just have to be committed to learning the skills inside of this course, and you’ll be on your way to being a bold (and successful) bookkeeper. You will find that by utilizing the skills taught in this program, you can charge as much as $30 an hour for your services, only to be increased to $50 to $75 an hour as you gain more experience in the field. And hey, you might even find a new appreciation (or passion) for numbers over time as well.

Now, if you are obsessed with numbers (like me), then this program is a no-brainer.


I’m sure you’ve got questions.
(I've got answers)


What even is a bookkeeper anyway?

Think of a bookkeeper as a gatekeeper of a business. All businesses, no matter how big or small, make and spend money. A bookkeeper helps keep track of it all. Therefore,bookkeeping is the first line of defense in business finance.“Keeping the books” simply means categorizing transactions,creating invoices, and entering any expenses. While the semight seem like basic tasks, they are vital to the success (or failure) of a business as they provide valuable data that can help guide better decision-making.


Do I have to be good at math?

There’s this myth that all accountants are good at math, but this is where you get to do a happy dance because it’s simply not true. In fact, you don’t even have to love math to be a good bookkeeper. Do you have good attention to detail? Great. Can you add, multiply, and divide some numbers? Wonderful. You can do this.


Am I going to have to go back to school?

More good news! You don’t have to step foot in a classroom— no extra degrees required here. Truth be told,many “bookkeepers” just learn the software and do their work. The problem is that just knowing the software doesn’ t make you a great bookkeeper (and that’s the goal here).Great bookkeepers understand foundational accounting (Ipromise it’s less scary than it sounds). The Bold Bookkeeper Academy provides you with all the foundational knowledge and skills you need (and then some).


Is bookkeeping hard to learn?

Are there a lot of nuances and jargon that takes years of experience to understand? Nope! The hardest part about learning bookkeeping is the same challenge as learning any new skill: commitment. If you’re ready to commit, congratulations; you’ve jumped over the biggest hurdle.


What are the perks of the job?

One word: flexibility. You’ve got a busy schedule. You have other priorities. You can do bookkeeping at any time-- weekends, nights, mornings, whatever-- and there’s rarely a hard deadline. I’ve run a bookkeeping business late evenings and weekends when my kids were little so that I could spend the weekdays with them. It was exactly what I needed at the time. When things change, you can change when you do your work too. As long as you do the work, clients aren’t picky about when it gets done. That, my friend, is up to you.


Will I be certified to start working as a bookkeeper after this program?

Absolutely. Yes. 100%. But why stop there? I will even help you promote yourself by listing your name completely free of charge in the Bold Advisor directory so that business owners and accountants can find and hire you for their bookkeeping needs. Certification and a job? Yes, please! So, not only will you be certified, but you will be able to offer your service and start getting that experience you need to grow your business (and your income). 


My schedule is so busy! Can I complete the program at my own pace?

Life is so busy, am I right? But I don’t want that to keep you from living it on your terms. I designed this course to help you take back that power, and you can start by deciding when you complete each lesson. I’ve had people complete this lesson in a week, and others in 3 months. I’ve even had some people complete the program and then come back to repeat specific lessons. I’ve also seen women become great bookkeepers who are now on their way to building bookkeeping businesses that fit their desired lifestyle.

Have a question I didn’t answer? Just send a quick email to support@tatianatsoir.com and ask away!
You deserve to be confident in your purchase of this program.

This program is an investment in YOU.

If you find yourself thinking, “I cannot afford this” or“Should I spend that kind of money?” I totally understand where you’re coming from. I also understand that if there is anyone in this world worth investing in, it’s YOU.

I’ve watched hundreds of women build bookkeeping empires that led to financial freedom without compromising the flexibility they wanted. Guess what?

YOU could be next.

Best Value

Pay In Full Option




Make 3 Monthly Payments



On the fence?

This program offers our standard

7-day money-back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the program or realize it is not the right fit for you, simply check out our refund policy here and follow the requirements to submit a refund within the first 7 days of purchase (less 4% for bank fees that we do not get back either). After the 7th day, the purchase is non-refundable.

I want you to be confident about your decision and commitment to this program.Therefore, you will gain immediate access to Module 1 upon purchase.

The remaining modules will become available only AFTER the refund period expires.

You have nothing to lose (and so much to gain).

This program is for you if:

- You are ready to be your own boss
- You want to have a flexible schedule, slow summers and weekends off
- You want to not have emergencies at work & want to work on your terms
- You have some or no prior experience
- You want to make at least twice or three times as much as the minimum wage to start
- You want to do meaningful work and make a difference in a client’s business by providing
timely and accurate information for decision making
- You know how to use QBO software but want to really increase your skills and become an advisor
- You’re changing careers and want to do meaningful work without the burnout
- You want to stop selling your time for little money

This program is not for you if:

- You have an accounting degree - this course has a very strong foundation that a great bookkeeper needs but you already have. My other program (Bookkeeping for Accountants) may work better for you.
- You know QBO well (or another software) and you only need some mentoring- You can figure out and anticipate clients’ errors and other users’ errors
- You know how to set up a bookkeeping process to 1- make the books management- and decision-making-friendly for the business owner and 2- know make records accurate for the outside accountant
- You’re already a problem solver for the clients


I learned a tremendous amount and am eager to have the chance to practice the craft of bookkeeping. I’m grateful to have found your program and be taught by you because money follows simple math rules and your teaching made sense. Was very thorough and specific.

One last thing...

(Warning: I’m taking off my business hat here.)

I know what it’s like to question if you should or shouldn’t invest in yourself.
To take the leap. To say yes to an opportunity.

I also know that I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t done those things. The moment I gave birth to my daughter, my whole world changed.

My priorities shifted.

As much as I loved my job, I knew I needed more flexibility so I could be the mom I wanted to be. Yet, suddenly income took on a whole new meaning when it wasn’t just about me anymore. I wasn’t sure I could do both (but I did. I still do).

I know how you can too…

I want you to know that you can support your family financially without giving up all of your time to your work. You can earn a consistent income to help support yourself
or your family while working full OR part-time. The best part?

You don’t have to put in years of schooling to head down a new path.

You can start today.
And I’m happy to help.


Best Value

Pay In Full Option




Make 6 Monthly Payments



With the Bold Bookkeeper Academy, you gain access to...

• 7 core modules - Valued at $2997 (comparable in-person programs)

• Exclusive content & resources - Valued at $397

• A private Facebook group - Valued at $197

• Live group Q&A calls with Tatiana on Facebook & Zoom - Valued at $397

• Quizzes & certification exams - Valued at $197

• A listing in the BoldAdvisor Directory f(or businesses and accountants to hire you) - Valued at $997

A total Value $5,182 for as low as $1,997

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