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Feel like you’re paying too much tax? Get a DETAXTM

If you feel like you work hard and tax bill comes as a surprise, get a DETAXTM, our Signature 2nd opinion. Traditional accountants rarely have a few minutes to spare to look for efficiencies. While I as a tax strategist will look for opportunities that exist so that you can know for sure. We will review and you will get a summary - take it to your accountant & save on tax! It's $997 all inclusive.


Price is the fastest way to raise profit.

So why are we so afraid to raise prices?

When i started my accounting practice, I asked a mentor "How much should I charge?" He said "Come up with an hourly rate, estimate the number of hours it will take you, and there you go!"

That's TERRIBLE advice. Apple doesn't care what its competitors charge, so why should you? Stop giving away your value

Would you not want to work with less clients and make more money? You can if you leverage the power of price psychology.


Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expedita.

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Are They Buying What You're Pitching?

Did you know that only at any given moment 3% of people are in an active "buying" mode? This means that pitching and advertising only works for those who are looking to buy at this moment. What none of your competitors do is nurture those who are at other stages of a buyer's journey. The secret sauce is to interrupt the conversation in your prospect's mind, engage them with a promise of a solution and educate them on the subject.
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Tired of guessing if your books are right?

We now have a service where we can provide a 2nd opinion review of your bookkeeping. As an accountant, you cannot always see mistakes right away. Sometimes it takes years to uncover a mistake. And what is there to say about you as a business owner? It may seem that "it's all nice and good" but you cannot even dig deeper - you simply don't know how to do it. This is a one-time review by me personally.
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Can't find or retain good talent?

Are you really setting them
and you up for success?

The recruiting landscape has changed post-pandemic & post-the-Great Resignation & people are more impressed by good work environment, life balance, culture & good leadership. You must have good policies, systems & clear expectations while being a true leader to the team.
Hire me to design & create a system to recruit & retain great talent.
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