Sprinting Numbers

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This is a monthly club. Every week (several times a week) I run working sessions where all attendees come and get their books done.

As I was writing a book, I attended all 6am sprints as part of the workshop I attended, and it's been life-changing. In fact, I finished the first draft of my book during those weekday 6am sprints.

One of my mantras is that regular groove when it comes to handling your books and other financial matters is critical. It's so much easier to remember what happened last week than try to remember what happened a year ago as you scramble to prepare for taxes!

So I called my sessions Sprinting Numbers - because it is about the numbers. Come, get them done, ask questions.

The format is like this:

During scheduled times, login to Zoom. We work for 25 min, take a break for 5, answer questions. Repeat 25+5.

What you'll get:

  • Access to all the offered sessions
  • Exclusive FB and Basecamp community to post offline questions
  • Monthly live Q&A

Come to one session or to all - whatever works.

Sign up and cancel anytime (if you attend sessions during the month, cancellation will be effective the next billing cycle).

-Tatiana Tsoir

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