You Are Enough. Follow Through and Do It with Tara Nolan

Why Are You Waiting to Become an Entrepreneur? You are good enough to run your own business.

5 mins

Why Are You Waiting to Become an Entrepreneur?

You are good enough to run your own business. Whatever you might be thinking or telling yourself,you are absolutely enough to run a successful business today. All you need is the right knowledge to help you do it. I sat down for a really cool interview with financial planner, author, and former Air Force pilot Tara Nolan to talk about teaching people how to become entrepreneurs.

Tara Nolan

Tara is one of the founders of Nolan Financial Partners. She’s recently written an awesome book called Money Moves where she offers advice about financial planning. Tara is all about educating people about how to manage their finances and set themselves up for retirement. In this interview, we talked about why so much of her job depends on financial coaching, and how a good financial coach can help your situation.

Education Matters

Both of us agree that entrepreneurship is a viable path for anyone with the right education. As Tara says in this interview, sometimes it feels like tax law is just a matter of who knows more about the law. We’re both dedicated to teaching as many people as possible the information they need to run their own successful businesses.

You Are Enough

The biggest thing we want you to know is that you are good enough to be an entrepreneur. A lot of corporations and employers will try and make you think that you are doomed to fail.They want you to believe that you need them. But with the right information, you are more than capable of making it on your own. You are enough.

Listen to Tara

There’s a lot of other cool information in this interview. We talk about all sorts of helpful facts. We talk a little bit about how different countries we have lived in compare to the United States, and why you should take advantage of the opportunities here. Tara explains why modern retirement looks different from most people’s idea, and what caused it. She also talks about what her time in the Air Force taught her about financial planning. Come listen to this interview. There are a lot of awesome and helpful things to learn.

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