Moms, Money Troubles, and Mental Health

The fact is, mental health and money problems can often be found walking hand and hand. Moms often carry the burden of that stress.

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The fact is, mental health and money problems can often be found walking hand and hand… 

Anyone who has ever experienced any amount of financial instability can tell you about the toll it has taken on them, including affecting their sleep, eating habits, daily routine, and relationships. 

How Finances Can Affect Your Mental Health

Recently, I was featured alongside several experts in an article by AmOne. We shared some ways to recognize the signs of money stress and find out where to get help. You don’t have to struggle alone. I know financial conversations can be uncomfortable, but I always recommend getting an expert's opinion immediately if you feel you are in over your head. Failing to do so can cause much more damage that will only take you longer to correct. Don’t give up! 

Mom Guilt + Financial Stress

I wanted to speak a little more directly to some of the moms out there who might be feeling the additional guilt of not being able to contribute more to the family budget, alongside the regular stress of money in general. 

Statistically, women are more likely to experience depression and anxiety, especially in regard to money trouble. We take to heart the well-being of our families, and sometimes that leads us to feel like we must carry the weight of the world. 

I want to, first off, remind you that by being an at-home parent, you are doing the work and saving your family money on the cost of child care, maid service, and chef. You have more time to find deals and manage the family budget SMARTER. You also do not have to worry as much about the additional expenses of working, like gas, extra lunches out, and work attire. 

My Recommendation

Consider setting yourself up with a little side hustle… There are a lot of jobs out there that can be done from home and on a flexible schedule. If you do not have any business ideas in mind, why not explore a career that has proven to be not only stable but also quite manageable on a “mom schedule.” 

Did I get your attention there? 

Bookkeeping turned not only my own life around, but the lives of so many of my clients and people I care about. 

Dream Bold, Start Smart - Not Just A Book Title

Look, I get it. Most of the time, when I tell people they should be a bookkeeper, their face scrunches as if I had just cracked open a rotten egg. Even my own sister had her doubts. It took me SO LONG to convince her to give it a try. She is a creative at heart and the most amazing photographer. That is where her passion lies. She felt it would be TORTURE to be stuck running numbers all day. But, she desperately wanted something to bring in some money while she continued to build her business. Once I finally got her convinced to try it, she quickly found that it was not as painful as she imagined, and the best part: she was making money and getting clients QUICKLY. 

Don’t allow yourself to become trapped in the feelings of despair that can come when money gets messy. Check out the info I shared recently so you can better identify those warning signs and get the help you need. And lastly, consider my recommendation… If you want more information, you can visit the Bold Bookkeeper Academy page on my website OR send me a message, and I would be happy to share with you more info.

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